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Concealing Hair Loss Tutorials

We know the importance of looking and feeling good, so why let hair loss affect your confidence and self esteem.  Low confidence and self esteem can lead to depression and anxiety, which can have an effect on your state of health.  Wellness is all about feeling good from the inside.  Concealing hair loss and Re-establishing a full head of natural hair not only turns the clock back to achieve a more youthful appearance, but also contributes to your well-being and a happier healthier state of mind. Our Online tutorials will demonstrate how to use hair fibres as a hair loss concealer and achieve thick hair in seconds Visit our Ebay shop thickhair14.

​The health and beauty industry is such a big market nowadays, with the male grooming market becoming as important as female hair care products.  Both men and women suffer from hair loss at some time in their lives, whether it derives from pregnancy or post pregnancy hair loss, alopecia due to anxiety, stress, illness or cancer treatment.  Studies show that male/female pattern baldness will affect roughly two thirds of the UK population over the age of 60. Check out our online store for hair fibres in refill bags & hair care needs.

Creating the appearance of thick hair is what we are all about, we know how good it feels to have lovely thick hair. However we know that you may experience hair loss and this could be down to health problems like cancer or a sudden urge to pull your hair our like trichotillomania and to conceal hair loss we supply hair fibres Suitable for all occasions, impress at a job interview, create beautiful bridal hair to make you feel extra special on your wedding day. Our online tutorials will provide hair care ideas & demonstrate how to achieve this look, and how to apply the product for maximum effect, and how to care for your hair loss. Hair building fibres can be dusty and so our Videos and Tutorials will show you how to apply the product in a well lit room, preferably with a carpet area, so any loose dust particles can be hoovered up.

​The hair fibres should be applied to clean, dry hair and can be worn with confidence all day, no matter what the Great British weather throws at you.  I suffer from hair loss and have worn the product in rain and high winds and this hasn't been a problem or caused any embarrassment from washing or blowing away.

The hair building fibres may scatter dust on pillows during sleep, so it is recommended that you wash the product out at night before going to bed and then reapply again next day.  This product is for for external use only, and you should refrain from using if any irritation occurs. 

Watch our You Tube Channel to see just how easy it is to apply hair fibres & check out our blog for inspirational hair care ideas:

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