Really Pleased, thank you Thick Hair. Its easier to buy hair products in Refill Bags, Free Post and

Quick delivery as well.  Black Hair Fibres hide my hair loss. My confidence is back and its cheaper than a hair transplant.

Restore a thinning hairline or cover up bald patches in seconds. Hair Fibres are quick & easy to use why not give them a try buy online now!  

Visit our online shop to buy  Hair fibres in refill bags. A quick & easy solution to hair loss, instant Thick Hair cover up hair loss & baldness

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Hair Fibres are supplied in refill bags to keep costs down and to suit all budgets.  If you wish to discuss bulk or larger orders, please contact us

  • Hair Fibres are sent to you discreetly. Postage is FREE of charge, hair fibres are posted to anywhere in UK.
  • If you have previously used Cakobi or Toppik Recycle using your existing sprinkle pots, simply Refill your pots with Hair Fibres a cheap & effective way to deal with hair loss & alopecia
  • Read our Blog about hair care!

Hair Colours

Restoring Thick Hair

Refill Bags

Hair fibres are available in Black, Grey light, dark & medium Brown. We use hair fibres to conceal our own hair loss, contact us for instant thick hair

Hair Loss Concealer

Our Hair fibres are dispatched in handy little refill bags, which are posted discreetly to you free of charge.

Recycle your existing Caboki pots, a cheaper solution to cover up hair loss.

Hair fibres are a unisex product suitable for both men and women suffering from hair loss, receding hair lines, or baldness. Conceal baldness and thinning patches instantly leaving you with natural looking head of Thick hair.

Hair fibres are a cheap solution to cover up bald areas & hair loss. No need for a hair transplant, restore 

Thick Hair & self esteem buy now

Hair Fibres refill bags

Thick Hair